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Banister delivers exceptional value to our clients by constructing pipeline projects on time and on budget while maintaining the highest industry standards for safety, quality and the environment.
Banister is proud of our track record of successfully delivering pipeline projects in Canada for over 65 years.



Safety of our workers and the public is always the top priority on every project. Banister believes that every incident is preventable and that promoting a positive safety culture requires support from the senior leaders in the organization and cooperation from every one of our workers. Our senior leadership team visits every project to convey our expectations and help to celebrate successes.


Only the highest standards of quality are acceptable. Banister recognizes that the long term safety of the public is dependent on quality of the product. We have developed a Quality Management System (QMS) that meets or exceeds all technical and industry standards and best practices.


Our projects are successful when the lands that we cross are restored to the same condition as when we started. Strict adherence to project Environmental Protection Plans (EPPs) throughout each phase of construction ensures minimal disruption to surrounding ecosystems. We constantly monitor our environmental protection requirements to ensure that we are in strict compliance with the EPP.


Starting with competitive proposals throughout project execution Banister brings experience and construction excellence to our work sites on every project. Our performance on the last project will influence whether we get an opportunity to bid on the next one. We deliver optimal value to our clients by meeting or exceeding their expectations on safety, quality and schedule deliverables at a cost that aligns with their commercial objectives.


The best way to sustain and grow our business and maintain a good reputation in the industry is by adhering to the highest ethical standards in all of our business dealings.   Banister believes that through integrity we build trust not only with our clients but within the communities that we operate.


Early engagement and collaboration with our clients results in a clearer understanding of project deliverables and ultimately leads to better project outcomes. Collaboration builds trust and leads to positive working relationships which enhances the ability of our collective teams to solve problems that may be encountered along the way.


Since our projects impact many communities across the country we seek out local charities and organizations that could use some assistance. Through various fund raising activities and donations we are able to give back to communities who support our efforts. We look for opportunities to support community events where our employees live and work. Banister recognizes that we need to give back to communities who are partners in our success.

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