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Scope of Services

Banister will tailor a team to suit your specific project requirements to deliver optimal value to your organization. Whether you are planning a cross country pipeline or implementing a maintenance program we can assemble the right sized teams to meet your needs.

The scope of our services includes
  • Mainline Construction (NPS 12 to 48)
  • Pipeline Replacements (all sizes)
  • Lateral Construction (all sizes)
  • Maintenance Projects
    • Class location upgrades
    • Launcher/Receiver installations
    • Pipeline abandonments
    • Pipeline integrity investigations
    • Hydrotest Programs
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Spray Applied Coatings
  • Cathodic Protection Systems Installation
  • Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) and Direct Pipe Installation (DPI) Support
  • Horizontal Directional (HD) Bores
  • Construction Planning and Consulting
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