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Client: TransCanada Pipelines Ltd.

The Vaughan Mainline Expansion project provided the next phase of pipeline capacity expansion in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) following completion of the King’s North Expansion Project (KNC) a year earlier.   The project involved constructing 12 km of NPS 42 natural gas mainline and associated facilities including completing 2 horizontal directional drills (HDDs) and 2 Direct Pipe Installations (DPIs) starting at a point near Bolton Ontario and ending near the town of Kleinburg.   The project involved similar constraints as the KNC project including a mix of rural and urban pipelining and complicated trenchless crossings. 

During construction the Banister team devised a unique 30 m culvert installation across the Purpleville Creek and coulee that permitting pipeline construction to proceed through the area with minimal disruption.  This unique approach saved considerable time and money for the client and avoided Banister having to install multiple bridges to accommodate both the mainline and HDD sections. 

During the project Banister was required to complete demolition and cleanup of several old building foundations along the ROW and encountered a significant snake hibernaculum. Banister assisted with the rescue and transplant of over 100 snakes, also constructing a new den nearby where they would be subsequently released to their natural habitat the following spring season.

The project is part of the 2013 to 2030 Mainline Settlement Agreement between TransCanada, Enbridge Gas, Union Gas Ltd., and Gaz Métro Limited Partnership for transportation services and provides increased capacity to facilitate growing demand for clean burning natural gas in the GTA.

Scope: 12 km x NPS 42, 2 HDDs, 2 DPIs

Year: 2017

Client: TransCanada Pipelines Ltd.

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