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Trans Mountain Expansion Project – Spread 4B

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Client: Trans Mountain

Banister was selected to participate in this historic project which involves construction of approximately 900 km of NPS 36 new mainline pipe spanning from Strathcona County (near Edmonton, Ab) to Burnaby BC that will increase the pipeline capacity from 300,000 bbls per day to 890,000 bbls per day. The project will allow Canadian incremental oil supplies to reach global markets.

Banister’s portion of the scope includes construction of approximately 74 km of 914 mm (NPS 36) OD pipeline near Clearwater BC, starting just North of Vavenby to the Darfield pump station, including installation of 7 prefabricated valve assemblies and an external leak detection system along the entire length of the line. Banister worked closely with local Indigenous groups and local communities to ensure a broad level of engagement and benefits accrue to these key partners.

The project involved extensive planning and coordination of resources prior to construction to ensure that all regulatory commitments were incorporated into our execution plans. The project parallels highway 5, a critical transportation route that services North East British Columbia. This presented some unique challenges to ensure safe access to the right of way while attempting to cause minimal disruptions to traffic flow along this well-travelled route. Extensive planning and coordination was required to ensure the proper controls and traffic control personnel were in place during the entire construction period.

This project also involved some complicated pipelining techniques to accommodate unique challenges including mountainous terrain, rock formations, narrow right of way in urban areas and adjacent buried facilities. Banister is proud to be a part of the execution team that included many of the major pipeline Constructors in Canada who came together collectively to leave a lasting legacy that will benefit many generations to come.

Scope: 74 km x NPS 36

Year: 2021/22

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