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Client: TransCanada Pipelines Ltd.

Banister was involved in constructing the Tower Lake section of the Towerbirch expansion project located near Dawson Ck British Columbia.  The project involved constructing approximately 32 km of NPS 30 pipeline and associated facilities included completion of two horizontal directional drills (HDDs). 

Construction of the project was progressing well until a nighthawk decided to build a nest in the middle of one of our HDD drill pads just before mobilizing equipment to the site.  In order to avoid disturbing the nest the project team quickly redesigned the drill path and created a buffer between our project activities and the nesting site.  In the end both the hawk and client seemed pleased with the outcome as the project proceeded on schedule and the nest remained undisturbed.

Banister was able to accommodate construction through numerous wetlands and wet site conditions using thousands of interlocking mats to reduce the overall environmental impact.

The Towerbirch Project will help to connect the Montney Supply basin to markets in North America.  Firm service transportation contracts totaling 859 mmcf/d were signed by the Cutbank Ridge Partnership and 5 other Montney basin producers.

Scope: 32 km x NPS 30, 2 HDDs

Year: 2017

Client: TransCanada Pipelines Ltd.

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