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Client: TransCanada PipeLines Ltd.

The Sundre project involved construction of an NPS 42 mainline along a new right of way that provides an important link between TransCanada’s Edson Mainline System and Western Alberta System.  Over the course of the project over 500 people were employed who contributed over 160,000 manhours to deliver the project safely and on time.  Over $4 million was spent in the town of Sundre and surrounding communities during construction.

Originally the project was slated to begin in August though was delayed to November.   Normally winter construction is fairly straight forward though in this part of the province the team had to be prepared for the possibility of Chinooks which could have made access along the right of way difficult.   Fortunately the weather cooperated for the most part and the project was completed with minimal difficulties.

The project is part of TransCanada’s $7.2 billion dollar commitment of near term growth capital to the NGTL system increasing the delivery capacity by 2.5 billion cubic feet per day by 2021.

Scope: 20 km x NPS 42

Year: 2018

Client: TransCanada PipeLines Ltd.

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