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Client: Union Gas Ltd.

The project involved installing 41 km of NPS 36 natural gas pipeline between the Union Gas Dawn Hub and the Dover Transmission Station in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, including the removal of the existing NPS 16 line and completion of two horizontal directional drills (HDDs).  The project, an extension of the Union Gas Panhandle natural gas transmission system serves customers in Windsor-Essex, Chatham-Kent and surrounding areas, including the burgeoning greenhouse market near Leminton/Kingsville.

A unique challenge that Banister faced on the project was to install a 40 m temporary bridge across the Rivard Drain to enable the flow of mainline activities without having to accommodate costly equipment moves.  Once the bridge was installed aqua dams were used to isolate the crossing to permit installation of the mainline sections beneath the Rivard drain.  A unique and innovative approach developed and implemented by Banister’s project team to solve a complex problem.

Accommodating 2.5 m of cover beneath the drainage ditches adjacent to some busy roadways also presented some challenges during construction.  Some deep excavations were required that needed adequate preparation, shoring and barricades to ensure the safety of workers and public during construction. 

Despite the numerous challenges associated with record amounts of rainfall in the area Banister was able to complete the project on time.

Scope: 41 km x NPS 36, 2 HDds

Year: 2017

Client: Union Gas Ltd.

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