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Client: Enbridge Inc.

A significant series of projects that Banister was involved in for Enbridge was the Norlite diluent line which involved construction of a portion of the 489 km pipeline from Enbridge’s Stonefell site in Edmonton to Enbridge’s Athabasca and Norealis terminals near Ft. McMurray Alberta.   

Construction of the projects spanned 3 seasons between 2015 and 2017 and involved a significant amount of winter construction to allow for access to wet areas not normally passable in the summer months.  The Norlite 1 spread was hampered by unseasonably wet weather conditions that created difficult site conditions which required numerous alterations to our execution strategy to ensure safe and efficient progression of the work.  Despite some difficult site conditions and temperatures dipping below -45 C at times the project was completed on time.

This important project provides the infrastructure that enables Enbridge to manage the transportation of hydrocarbons from the oils sands region under a 25 year agreement with Fort Hills Partners (Suncor Energy, Total E&P Canada, and Teck Resources) and Suncor.

Scope: Spread 1: 68 km x NPS 24, Spread 5: 87 km x NPS 24, Spread 6 A,B,C: 53 km of NPS 24

Year: 2015-17

Client: Enbridge Inc.

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