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Macleod River North

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Client: TransCanada (NGTL)

The McLeod River North Project consisted of two separate sections of NPS 48 pipe; the Hornbeck Section – 22.5km of NPS 48 pipe, and the Bronson Section – 11.8km of NPS 48 pipe approximately both located North of Hinton AB. Within these sections we completed trenchless HDD crossings of the Athabasca and Wild Hay rivers and a DPI crossing of the Burland River. This project represented unique challenges due to the remote nature of the work and difficult mountainous terrain experienced along the right of way.

Further compounding construction activities was the abnormally wet weather conditions experienced throughout the summer and fall seasons, which necessitated completing a significant portion of the work in the winter. Banister accepted the challenge and persevered to complete a portion of the project early to satisfy the commercial commitments of our client.

A significant portion of this project was executed within three Key Wildlife Biodiversity Zones (KWBZ) covering approximately 8.1km of the right of way presenting some unique scheduling and execution challenges to avoid restricted access periods within these sensitive areas.

Scope: 34 km x NPS 48, 2 HDDs, 1 DPI

Year: 2019

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