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Client: TransCanada Pipelines Ltd.

The Pelican Lake project was constructed by Banister in the winter season of 2017 and involved installation of 56 km of NPS 30 natural gas pipeline and 3 horizontal directional drills (HDDs).

Originally the project was scheduled to being in November 2016 though due to delays construction did not commence until January 2017.  This presented some unique challenges for the project team since cold weather and frozen ground conditions were required to access a majority of the right of way.  As spring was fast approaching and site conditions were deteriorating the Banister project team employed a variety of mitigation measures to maintain access to the project while minimizing the environmental impact.  Though some of our construction equipment was stranded on site for the summer season in the end the project was completed on time and project team received numerous accolades from our client. 

Constant changes to the schedule and manpower plan were required to keep the project on track despite the early spring break up and deteriorating site conditions.  A truly exceptional feat for all involved to complete this project in one construction season.  Some said it couldn’t be done, but Banister proved the nay sayers wrong.

The project represents a portion of the 2017 NGTL Expansion Project which involved 8 separate projects throughout Alberta providing essential infrastructure that will deliver natural gas from NW Alberta and British Columbia to growing markets in Canada and the United States.

Scope: 2017 56 km x NPS 30, 2 HDDs

Year: 2017

Client: TransCanada Pipelines Ltd.

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