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Client: TransCanada Pipelines Ltd.

The King’s North Connection project located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) starting just North of the Pearson International Airport and terminating near the town of Bolton involved constructing 11 km of NPS 36 pipeline and completing 5 horizontal directions drills (HDDs)  through congested urban areas, major highways, high-voltage transmission corridors and numerous environmentally sensitive areas.  The route ran adjacent to Highway 427 and crossed Highway 407 and Highway 7.  Safety of the workers and public were a constant focus throughout the project due to construction in densely populated urban areas.

Preservation of the highly sensitive Western Chorus frog and brown myotis bat habitat were of primary importance.  Hundreds of meters of barriers or “frog fences” were installed to limit the migration of the Western Chorus frogs into the area, and dozens of ‘bat houses’ were erected along the right of way to re-establish nesting sites to compensate for some trees that needed to be removed during construction.  A local community group volunteered to build the bat houses for Banister’s construction team to install along the right of way.

The Banister project team met the challenge of striking a balance between the interests of burgeoning commercial and residential development in the area and installation of the pipeline.  Most of our access points to the right of way were on busy roadways necessitating a comprehensive traffic management strategy and traffic controls throughout construction.   Banister is proud to have been selected to construct this essential link from key U.S. markets and the Dawn storage hub to growing markets in the GTA and surrounding areas.

Scope: 12 km x NPS 36, 5 HDDs

Year: 2016

Client: TransCanada Pipelines Ltd.

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