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Client: Union Gas Ltd.

This natural gas mainline project represents urban pipelining at its best.  Banister was called upon to install this large diameter natural gas pipeline near the town of Milton.  Safety of the public and surrounding infrastructure were of paramount importance.  Over 4.5 km of temporary safety fencing was erected to ensure that no one from the community would be exposed to hazards associated with the construction site.  A micro tunnel was used for the first time by Banister to navigate across highway 25 and 16 mile creek in the town of Milton.

To install pipe across Isley Lk Banister installed a coffer dam then pumped out the water to allow mainline activities to proceed.  An innovative approach to handling a difficult crossing.   Another unique challenge involved crossing the Carlisle Golf course in the middle of golf season.  The pipeline traversed across three fairways which were taken out of service and returned to service within 3 weeks. 

The project required Banister to work closely with the client to minimize disruptions to the town of Milton and surrounding areas.  At the end of the day the project was a huge success and will assist Union Gas in meeting an increased demand for natural gas in Ontario, Quebec and other eastern market areas.

Scope: 19 km of NPS 48, 1 micro-tunnel

Year: 2016

Client: Union Gas Ltd.

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