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Client: TransCanada Pipelines Corp.

The Gravenhurst Project involved a 2.2km replacement of two lines including a trenchless crossing across the Severn River near Gravenhurst ON. Banister was responsible for replacing the two pipelines as well as supporting the Direct Pipe Installation (DPI) performed by others.

The project included some rock work where blasting and a hoe ram were utilized to excavate the rock from the ditch line.  Due to the depth of the excavation significant challenges emerged in stabilizing the trench walls and managing high ground water levels.  While the conventional pipeline installation went smoothly completing the difficult trenchless crossing through a dense rock and quartz formation utilizing the Direct Pipe Installation method presented some unique challenges.

Scope: 2.2 km x NPS 30 and NPS 36, 1 Direct Pipe Installation

Year: 2018-2019

Client: TransCanada Pipelines Corp.

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