Syncrude ICR/FLR

Scope: 85 km x NPS 14, 30 and 36

Year: 2016

Client:  Syncrude Canada

The Syncrude project involved construction of three pipelines along a common corridor from Syncrude’s Aurora Mine to Mildred Lake. The project included a crossing of Hwy 63 by guided track bore and installation of the three pipelines through significant muskeg areas.

Unique approach to Quality Management employed by Syncrude Canada required that Banister Pipelines hire and manage the entire Quality Control scope including survey, inspection, non-destructive testing and as-builts. Banister Pipelines was successful in completing the project and the required quality control deliverables.

Working with a new client requires extensive collaboration up front and throughout the project to ensure that expectations are aligned.  In the end our client was very pleased with the production we achieved throughout the project.