About Us

As a member of the Quanta Services group of companies Banister Pipelines is a leading Canadian mainline construction and maintenance services contractor located in Nisku, Alberta. Our roots date back to 1948 when Ronald Banister started the company after mortgaging his home for $1500 to purchase a ditching machine. This idea grew to what would become Banister Pipelines, a company that would expand to build pipelines in Canada, the U.S. and the Middle East. Over the years and through numerous ownership changes the company is now focused solely on the Canadian pipeline sector though the Banister name and brand have endured. We are proud to see fathers passing their knowledge on to their sons and daughters and carrying on the tradition of delivering exceptional projects under the Banister banner.


By 2013 Banister Pipelines had grown to become one of Canada’s largest pipeline contractors. In 2014 the company was purchased by Quanta Services, based in Houston Texas, and now operates as Banister Pipeline Constructors Corp. Quanta Services is the largest specialty contractor in North America providing a variety of consulting, engineering and construction services to the oil and gas, power, and telecommunications industries. As an operating entity within the Quanta Services family Banister is able to continue to grow and expand our capabilities to meet the needs of the Canadian energy industry.

Today Banister recognizes that our industry is changing and there is a heightened interest in pipeline activities in our society. Our stakeholders can rest assured that we implement our projects to the highest standards that not only ensure the safety of our workers and the public during construction but throughout the lifecycle of the facilities we construct. We take this responsibility seriously and continue to strive for exceptional results across all aspects of our work. To that end we have evolved our Health, Safety and Environmental and Quality Management Systems and Project Specific Plans to promote consistency and excellence in project delivery. We also recognize the need for continuous improvement and regularly review and update these systems and plans to incorporate lessons learned and industry best practices.

We continue to strive to be the best and most sought after pipeline contractor in Canada.